Josef Umdasch Research Prize by Doka Ventures

- Автоматизация строительства

- Строительный 3д принтер

- Строительная робототехника

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The Challenge

Constructing multi-story buildings requires significant manual labor and time. Come to think of it, construction is one of the only industries that yet remains to be automated. Current technologies only allow you to “3D print” single-floor structures with no ability to print floors slabs for multi-story buildings. Is it possible to automate printing multi-story buildings at a fraction of the cost and time?



A Fresh Approach

With a unique, patent-pending technology, we have cracked automated multi-story construction to decrease costs by 50% at a rate of 4 meters per day. We call it vertical printing. We use automated, additive layering technology of simultaneously "print" vertical columns and floor slabs and then position and secure floors horizontally. On-site construction. Minimal manual labor.



From huts to skyscrapers

Vertical support columns and floor slabs are fabricated on-site while being in the vertical position using a conventional movable formwork and a printer that positions tensioning cables and porous concrete in layers for the whole height of the building  After tensioning and anchoring the cables, they are at mid-floor elevations. The floor slabs are then rotated into place and are secured.

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David Allan Coe

"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."


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